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Ugo Salerno with one of his works.

Ugo Salerno was born in 1953 in a small village of “arbereshe” culture and traditions in the province of Cosenza, in Calabria region in South of Italy.

After getting his degree in scientific studies he moved to Bologna to study Medicine, but soon he was attracted by other interests and books.

Extremely active in the cultural and political movements that in the seventies tried to shake, to “disturb” the cultural scene of a sleepy city.

It belongs to those years his encounter with a wide range of materials and his passion to mix, assemble and transform them. He focused his attention on paper that became his favourite material for his works.

About his art,  Savina Vianello writes: «Undetermined shapes, barely volumetric and two colors: black and white, just enough to create greys of the shadow. No title, the author offers to vision the shapes in their selves, in their peculiar creation through the usage of paper/matter not as passive ground, but as a creator of movements, as a plastic reagent. If sometimes these figures intercept the phisical reality, this is due to the fatal impossibility to escape from the paddock of its suggestions, but, when, while they are sinking into the detail, they lose any structure and become tormented exhibited surface, then they enchant for their full silence, for their peaceful voids, for their refined darkness. Internal and external end in a virtual opening and in the enigmatic beauty of an estranged matter, objects/subjects with no name appear in presence.»

In 2001 he started to take part in the most different initiatives, in different places and contexts. He has partecipated in several exibitions:

  • Squarci” (Roma 2003), with the support of Comune di Roma
  • Metamorfosi” (Roma 2004), Galleria Monserrato Centro
  • Le vie dell’astrazione” (Roma 2005), Museo storico della Fanteria
  • Group exhibition at Circolo degli Artisti (Bologna 2008 e 2009).

His first personal exhibition “Tra sformando” dates back to 2010 at “Art to design” Gallery in Bologna. Then he made the following exhibitions:

  • Tra sformando 2” (2012), at the Una Hotel in Bologna
  • Tra sformando 3” (2013), at “A più dieci Art Work shop” in Parma
  • Tra sformando 4” (2014), in Bologna
  • Tra sformando 5” (2015), in Bologna
  • Tra sformando 6” (giugno 2016), at Mimesis Gallery in Calvisano (Brescia)
  • Group exhibition “Fine Art Bologna“, at Palazzo Pepoli Campogrande, of Campogrande Conceptande Contemporary Concept.
  • Tra sformando 7 – Luce parla con me“, DUEUNODUE Bologna Exhibition Space from 10 November to 1 December 2018
  • Group exhibition “Attmi” (22/7/2020 – 2/8/2020), at Arcadia ArtGallery in Milano